Monday, 7 February 2011

Large Blacks indeed!

These little pigs came just before Christmas.

I don't normally mind Emma getting more pigs, as long as they know their place. These pigs, however, are getting on my wick!

'We're Large Blacks' they keep saying as though that's supposed to impress me.

When I treated this coment with the contempt it deserved they went on to say that some chap called Parkinson once said 'They are distinguished by their gigantic size, they are the largest of the kind I have ever seen'.

Well all I can say is he should have gone to Spec Savers. These pigs are not Large Blacks, they are Barely Bigger than a Bucket Blacks!



UncleS said...

"Barely-bigger-than-a-bucket-but-nearly-as-tall-as-a-tree Blacks", I think you'll find, Berry....

Anonymous said...

Uncle S, is your surname Parkinson?