Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Our Christmas Story

Today there has been a lot of excitement up at the field. People have been coming and going all day. We've had visitors tripping across the paddock in their high heeled shoes, wrinkling their noses in disgust at the mud on their clothes and then cooing in delight as we accept "Christmas Apples and Bananas" from their hands.

Phrases such as
"Aren't they sweet?"
"They don't smell at all!"
"What enormous ears!"
"I love their curly tails"
have all been used.
Those really brave visitors have even scratched the itchiest corners of my back!

When they'd all gone Emma explained that it all had to do with a baby who was born in a stable over 2000 years ago.

What's all that about then? I was born in a stable and no one throws a party for me! Berry thinks that perhaps if I tell you our story then we will get a party.... I suppose it's worth a go!

Long, long ago (last year sometime) we found ourselves in a nice warm stable with lots of brothers and sisters and a ready supply of milk, we called Mum. Days and nights merged into each other until one day Emma came to visit us. We didn't know she was Emma then but she seemed to know us. She pointed at us and said "Those two - they're the ones!" At first I thought she must have seen us tipping the water bowl over (though I checked no-one was looking first), but then Mum was told off for that, so I knew it must be something else.

A week later Emma returned and we were bundled into a trailer. That was the best game ever! First I was pushed in, then when Berry came I ran back out again. Then me, then Berry, then some of our siblings joined in. After a good fifteen minutes and lots of squealing and cursing we decided to accept our prize and settled down in the trailer with a bucket of feed.

We arrived at our new home to find green stuff called grass! We weren't sure about that, so we tried eating it, then tried lying on it and concluded that the best thing to do was to plough it all up! It took several weeks to completely remove all traces of the grass. (Mind you we were small then, we can do a whole paddock in about 1 week now!)

So do we qualify for a party? If not I want to know why.


Monday, 19 November 2007

Cold Tootsies

Got up this morning to discover someone had covered our whole field in cold fluffy white stuff. We've eaten copious quantities of it, but it's not very filling, it just makes our insides cold. Fortunately Emma's now brought some proper food, though it was extremely hard to recognise her wrapped up in hat, scarf and gloves.
Also she gave us a load of fresh straw so as soon as this lot has gone we're off to snuggle down in the warm.

Acorn and Berry

Friday, 19 October 2007

A visit from the V E T

Sorry we haven't written for a while. It's Acorn she's been unwell - OFF HER FOOD!!! I have to confess , I was really worried (...after eating double helpings and getting indegestion). Emma must have been worried too as she asked this strange man to come and have a look at her. He took out this sharp pin and stuck it in her, but don't worry I bit him on the bottom before he could do it again. He said something about returning with a cattle prod, whatever that meant.

We sarted to see quite a bit of this man. After a few days Acorn got up and staggered around the field so he couldn't spike her anymore. He limped round after her and I have to say if that spike is supposed to make you better he should have stuck it in his own neck as he looked quite out of condition to me!

He's stopped coming now but Acorn is a crafty one she gets given treats everyday with something called medicine hidden inside. I think she made this whole illness thing up. Its not too bad though, I normally poke her at just the right time she and she drops it so I don't miss out.


Saturday, 18 August 2007

Does my bum look big in this?

I don't believe it, Acorn's used up all the water again! Always preening herself that one!

My name's Berry by the way. Don't you go listening to Acorn, I expect she's told you all sorts of rubbish about me, all you need to know is that I'm the boss!

'Who's Emma?' I hear you say. Oh, she's just our teenage pet but she's much too shy to appear on our blog like most girls of her age! If you like we'll try to catch her on camera when she's not looking. You'll just have to be patient....


Welcome to our blog.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Acorn. I'm the first born (that's why my name begins with an "A"), my sister Berry was the second born - you'll meet her soon, but she's busy eating at the moment!

You can tell us apart because I am the pretty one, with the lovely big velvety ears. She's the big fat one because she's always pinching my dinner!

Most of the time we get on really well, but sometimes it's just nice to soak in the bath by myself. Have you ever tried a mud pack? They're great! And here the mud is thicker and more squelchy than anywhere else.

Must go now to scratch my back on a post. Please come and see me again soon.