Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Pig Keeping Course

We had a really exciting day last Saturday. Lots and lots of people came from all over the country just to see us. Admittedly they also had a look at the other pigs whilst they were here, but that was just to be polite - no doubt!
Emma wasn't here (she and her sister were taking part in some drama competition, which we're pleased to say they won) so her parents had to show the visitors around. They didn't do too bad a job considering, though a little bit more food would have helped us overcome the stress of the day!

Actually we were really worried at one point, as all the visitors crowded round our feed bins and started to examine the contents and to discuss costs and quantities needed. For an awful moment I thought Emma's parents were going to auction our food off, but we created such a racket that they decided to feed it to us instead!
Apparently another group of admirers are coming to see us on the 3rd May, so we will try to extract more food then. If you would like to take part in this event please see our website and look at the Pig Keeping Course page.

Must go now, we need our beauty sleep.

Acorn and Berry