Tuesday, 19 August 2008

British Saddleback Pigs

Hello, my name's Babe. I am the smallest of all Berry's Piglets but that also makes me the cutest! Mummy said if I gave her all my dinner she would let me put a posting on the blog so I readily agreed, as I really wanted to tell you all about my news. I thought my brothers and sisters would be jealous but they just shook their heads and said something like "No wonder she's the smallest!"

Anyway the first thing I want to tell you about is Auntie Acorn. She's no longer all by herself in a paddock, one of the 'Little Scraps' has joined her. The not so little Scrap is called Cocoa and Emma says one day she and Acorn will have piglets like Mummy. Acorn says she's quite happy being an Auntie and she doesn't want to share her dinner with lots of piglets, but Emma hopes she will change her mind.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about was the 'All Sorts'. These pigs have been with us for ages but Mummy and Auntie Acorn keep forgetting to tell you about them. They are stripy pigs (Like licorice All Sorts according to Emma) and they have floppy ears like the Plum Puddings. Apparently their real name is British Saddleback Pigs but Mummy says this is a rather grand title for these odd looking animals.

I must go now. Mummy's just gone to lie down in the Ark and that means only one thing - Milk Time. I may be happy to miss my dinner once in a while, but I'm not missing my milk!



Monday, 11 August 2008

Recognition at last

I told Berry she needn't worry about the Middle Whites and I was right. It was us Radio 4 wanted to talk to! Unfortunately Emma kept talking over my grunts, but if you click on the attached video you should be able to hear me and Berry. (Just try not to get too distracted by Emma's ramblings!)


Friday, 1 August 2008

Open Day Controversy

Its Outrageous!!!! We go to all this effort to arrange an open day so that you can all come and see Me, Acorn and my celebrity offspring , (graciously allowing some of the other rare breeds to share the attention) and what do you do? You go all soppy over the Middle Whites!!! "They're so cute" "I love their little squashed noses" "Don't they make a weird noise?" To top it all, the quiz winner (Alison Wibmer) named them as her favourite rare breed. Has the world gone mad? It is only people like Demelza who give me hope for the future by appreciating our superior status. (see her comment underneath the "Little Berrys" article).

Talk about Hogging the Limelight!
Emma says she has put a full report on her website so if you want to read all about it you'd better go there http://www.emmaspigs.co.uk/OpenDays.shtml I'm too disgusted to say anymore!