Thursday, 9 September 2010

Berry’s Brilliant Guide to a Sunny September

Despite the pouring rain over the last couple of weeks, the first few days of September have been scorching. So, as a kind and generous pig, I came up with a brilliant idea to help you all out – I decided I would write you a five step guide to enjoying the weather while it lasts.

1. Casually role over a large amount of turf with your nose, ensuring you look perfectly relaxed and therefore impressing the others with the great strength of your snout.
2. Once the area has been de-grassed snuffle around in the mud to eat up all of the roots you can find – delicious!
3. The next step is to show off your snout again, digging a great deep trench in the mud, large enough for you to lie down in.
4. After that you have to grunt and oink enough that someone like Emma feels sorry for you and comes and pours lots of black buckets full of water into your hole.
5. You have now made a wallow. Lie down in it and roll over making sure you are completely covered in mud. This is not only extremely pleasant and cooling but also provides the perfect protection from the sun – Emma calls it a piggy sun tan cream, whatever that means.

So there you go, get digging and have fun. Just remember, my snout will always be better than yours.