Monday, 27 July 2009

Fatty White

While we have been underfed, Acorn noticed that Gelato (the very muddy pig in the picture here) one of the Middle Whites (the ugly ones) was getting really fat! How’s that fair? While Emma was away we were starved and the Middle Whites were given more than their fair share. We are going to have to have words with Emma about her parents.

Also, even though she’s back we haven’t been getting fed any more than usual, despite our pleading and whining and grovelling. And that Gelato is still getting fatter!

Emma says that Gelato will have to be put in her own ark soon, away from the other Middle White called Florentine, because she’s so fat! Somehow I need to get fat so that I can get my own ark and then Acorn and Jimmy can’t steal all my food. Hmmmm…


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Food and Fussing

Emma went away recently for three days, and so we thought that we would be able to sneakily convince her Mum and Dad into giving us larger portions at mealtimes. However for some strange reason they didn’t believe our helpless starved pleas for food; they seemed to think that we were putting it on!

Also they didn’t pay us nearly as much attention as Emma does, not giving us as many strokes or tummy-tickles – they just threw us our measly rations and then went to go and see the other pigs. I mean, EXCUSE ME! but we are the most important pigs and so should have the most time spent on fussing us – don’t they know that?

Anyway, Emma is back now, which is good; so we are going to look forlorn and malnourished so she thinks we’ve been starved and then will feed us more. We’ve already been getting a lot more attention (see the picture of Emma stroking Acorn’s nose) and hopefully the food will come next!

Acorn and Berry