Monday, 22 June 2009

Jimmy's Farm

I was horrified to hear Emma and her parents talking yesterday about going to visit Jimmy’s Farm. How come Jimmy gets a farm of his own when Acorn and I don’t? Emma explained that they weren’t talking about Jimmy the boar, but about a man called Jimmy Doherty who owned some rare breed pigs.

It turns out that while visiting the Three Counties Show in Malvern yesterday they came across a stall from Jimmy’s Farm. After talking to a man named Dolly they were invited to go and have a look around Jimmy’s Farm. (See the picture of Emma and her big sister Claire posing with Dolly).

Apparently the whole family is going to go and visit Jimmy’s Farm and meet this Jimmy Doherty person. They seem to think he is some sort of star! To be honest I think they’re wasting their time. Whoever this Jimmy person is he is absolutely nothing compared to me. After all, does he have his very own piggy palace? I think not!


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Hunk

Not long after we moved into our new ark, Emma brought another Berkshire to visit us. His name is Jimmy, (apparently he looks quite like Jimmy Doherty whoever he is) and he's a Berkshire like us.
I quite like him though he's very bossy and takes far more than his fair share of the food. Also he's very full of himself. He snorts through the fencing to all the other female pigs and several of them are getting quite excited and snorting back!

When he first came he flirted madly with me and Berry and made us feel special. But now he's chatting everyone else up.... he'll have to go!