Monday, 22 September 2008

Country Life

It's ever so exciting, a photographer from Country Life has been here taking photo's of us pigs (and Emma?). Apparently we are going to star in this weeks Country Life magazine which comes out on Wednesday. I'm a little bit concerned that he didn't seem particularly interested in us Berkshire pigs and spent an equal amount of time with the other breeds. I just hope the Middle Whites don't steal the show again!

This is one of the many photos taken. I think Emma had been in our wallow!

Peter Lad (in this picture) was extremely lucky to be included in the photo shoot as he really isn't one of Emma's pigs at all, he is just visiting. He's a bit smaller than Barky who came to see us in the spring, (which is good as he doesn't pinch so much food) but he's not so Hunky either!

Acorn and Berry

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Great news, Berry's no longer too fat to be separated from me and Cocoa.

To celebrate her return I chased her round and round snorting loudly and trying to bite her.... well she needed to know that she couldn't just come back and pinch all my food as before.... I'm not letting her get obese again! Emma says that I am the fat one now. OUTRAGEOUS!

Having put us back in together, Emma seemed to think that she'd be able to have a lie in without us noticing. She couldn't be more wrong! Cocoa and I got up early to make sure Berry didn't pinch our food and then Emma didn't arrive until 10am. That's worse than Grandad!

Emma did have a pretty good excuse though. It has rained so much here recently that the road was flooded.
Emma, Claire and Ben had to canoe through the floods to get here!

We'll let her off - just this once!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Emma's Holiday

I don't know what the world is coming to, Emma decided that she needed a break and disappeared off with her family.

We don't get holiday's you know!

What's more she left the most important job of feeding us to her Grandad, and sometimes he overslept 'til 9am!

I was really cross with her and thought of sulking and going off my food, but then I had a much better idea. I tipped my really heavy Belfast sink trough right over. I had never managed this before as it really is very heavy. (Grandad will confirm that as it took him ages to put it back again and refill it with water!)

The next day one of the All Sorts managed to dig out of her pen, so I really enjoyed watching Grandad get her back in again and reinforce the fencing. For a complete novice he did quite well really.

After that we pretended to be starving and shrieked for our food twice as loudly as normal. I don't now whether it was the noise or Grandad's desire to make us all too fat to escape again, but we got lots of extra tit bits!

Just before Emma returned we got a postcard from her, telling us to behave or she would put us on a diet. We've been angelic since then so I think we'll get a good report.