Sunday, 21 February 2010

Holly's Child Prodigy

We had a visitor yesterday. Well we didn't really, he came to see one of the Little Holly's.... I've no idea why!
She was petted and tickled and had her photograph taken lots of times.
Holly has got all big headed now saying that she has got a child prodigy, whatever that means. I think she's got a podgy child really!
Emma said this man was Owning the Little Holly as a Birthday present (its called an 'Own a Pig Scheme' apparently). I think it's mad everyone knows that it's the pig that owns the person!
Acorn and Berry

Friday, 5 February 2010

Berkshire Pigs on You Tube

Ben's not a bad boy really! I mean he may be a bit slow, but he has at last put a video of Berkshire Piglets on You Tube. Admittedly they're not mine or even Acorn's (they grew up and left home long before Ben got round to making a video), but they are at least Berkshire Pigs. They are called the Little Hollies, on account of their mother being called Holly.

Take a look, they are only one hour old here.