Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Little Acorns

Hello, my name's Babe and I'm a little Acorn.

The Little Berry's said that no-one would be interested in listening to anything I had to say as my Mum is not famous like theirs (aparently she's a movie star!) But I think there are lots of things more important than fame.

For one, it is important that you have enough milk and my Mum has plenty of that - look how fat I'm getting.

It's also important that you have other food to eat and my Mum is good at getting that from her pet Emma (though she's not so good at sharing it with me!)

Mum is also good at keeping us all warm. She says she does this by eating plenty herself ...hmmm!

Anyway I think that means that you will be very interested in me as I'm going to grow up to be just as good/fat as Mum.


Friday, 6 February 2009


It’s been very cold recently and the fluffy flakes are littering our muddy field. The piglets are having great fun chasing each other round in it, and trying to catch the snow in their mouths as it falls. We however have been much more concerned in finding our food! It’s practically impossible with the white blanket covering the ground; the food just sinks in and disappears! Even worse, when we do eventually find some food, the piglets decide they’re hungry and come and eat it! (Yes, they’ve started stealing our food already!!!)

Luckily though, when we’ve finished eating we have a nice warm ark full of lovely straw to snuggle into to warm ourselves up after the cold. Emma says that it shouldn’t be snowing for too much longer, which is good in a way I suppose, but then again when it stops we’ll have nothing to distract the mischievous piglets with! Emma told us that we have to look after them in this cold weather, but I think we’re really the ones that need looking after – if we’re not careful they’ll eat all our food and we’ll starve!

Acorn & Berry