Saturday, 31 May 2008

The theraputic value of food

Thank you to all the people who have left us comments recently, it has been great to hear from you all. One message particularly touched us, it was from Fidget (a cat) who had undergone a particularly unpleasant experience - see his comment posted under the "Contact Us" article. We have discussed your predicament Fidget and think you must have been attacked by a Vet! Unfortunately once the attack has taken place there is little you can do to reverse its effects. The Kune Kune piglet in this picture had a very similar experience and his advice is as follows.

1. Don't let a vet catch you in the first place.

2. Bite him if he does.

3. If all else fails, food is a great comforter!
Oh and a bit of news of our own. The Plum Puddings have discovered the merits of food and no longer lie down in their trough.
What clever piggies!
Acorn and Berry

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Plum Puddings

I always knew that Berkshire pigs were the most superior of all the rare breed pigs (there used to be a large herd at Windsor Castle you know), but I never knew quite how dim some of the other breeds were!

Yesterday some Oxford Sandy and Black pigs arrived. They are really odd looking things with their ears flopped down over their faces so they can barely see where they are going. But that's no excuse for what they did....!

A pig that does not recognise food, when it is put right infront of it, is not just dim it needs therapy! Well these 'Plum Puddings' thought their food trough (with food in it) was a wallow! Yes - really. Instead of eating their food they lay down in it and rolled over.

What a waste, all that delicious grub rubbed into their spotty coats. If they didn't want it they could have given it to me.


Friday, 16 May 2008

Little people are odd!

Hi Richard, Marmalade and Demelza it was great to hear from you. I'm sorry you don't get out much Marmalade, but sometimes I think there are certain people who should never be let out!

Take our most recent visitors, Emma's cousins. These little people had sadly never seen a real pig before so were very excited about coming to see us. But would you believe it the thing that they liked best was not our big ears, or curly tails, or even our beautiful faces - It was our Wallow! They could not keep their hands iut of it (encouraged I might add by Emma's big sister Claire!)

They decorated each others faces with our squelchy mud, wiped their hands on their spotless clothes and even decorated the Little Scraps ark with muddy hand prints!

Little people are very different from big people it seems. Their parents were not at all delighted with the wallow. In fact their faces changed from expressions of polite interest to those of abject horror as the day went on!


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Meet the neighbours

Thanks for your comments Joe, we will certainly keep blogging.

Some of our neighbours have been getting a bit jealous of my recent fame and fortune following my starring role in A Pig's Life. Well not so much of the fortune, I haven't noticed any change in my rations ... yet!

I offered them my autograph but that has done nothing to appease them. They say they would rather a face full of flies, but I know that's only envy talking. Acorn says perhaps it would help if we put some photos of them on the blog. I can't imagine that you will be interested in seeing them, but in the spirit of fostering good community links here goes.

I do hope they don't get too full of themselves, some people can be so big headed you know.


Friday, 2 May 2008

Contact us

We have been getting a bit of a complex about our blog recently....why has no-one been leaving messages, don't they feel comfortable writing to pigs? Emma assures us that loads of people have been reading our blog so why don't they write back?

Then we discovered that Emma had set the blog up wrong! I think we should let her IT teacher know about this, he's predicted that she'll get an A* at GCSE!

Anyway she's sorted it now (or so she says)! All you have to do is click on comments (below)and then write your message in the box provided. If you don't have a blogger account then tick the name box instead and type your name in. If you're really shy you can select anonymous. If you don't want your comments to appear on the blog at all you can even send us an email on

Look forward to hearing from you,

Acorn and Berry