Friday, 19 October 2007

A visit from the V E T

Sorry we haven't written for a while. It's Acorn she's been unwell - OFF HER FOOD!!! I have to confess , I was really worried (...after eating double helpings and getting indegestion). Emma must have been worried too as she asked this strange man to come and have a look at her. He took out this sharp pin and stuck it in her, but don't worry I bit him on the bottom before he could do it again. He said something about returning with a cattle prod, whatever that meant.

We sarted to see quite a bit of this man. After a few days Acorn got up and staggered around the field so he couldn't spike her anymore. He limped round after her and I have to say if that spike is supposed to make you better he should have stuck it in his own neck as he looked quite out of condition to me!

He's stopped coming now but Acorn is a crafty one she gets given treats everyday with something called medicine hidden inside. I think she made this whole illness thing up. Its not too bad though, I normally poke her at just the right time she and she drops it so I don't miss out.