Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Eco Pigs

The last two weeks have been really hectic. So much has happened that I think we'll have to tell you bits in installments! It all started with Berry's piglets and finished with our open day but the thing I'm going to tell you about at the moment is our attempt to reduce our carbon footprint.

According to Emma we need to go green in order to reduce our footprints. I'm not sure why we need smaller footprints but Emma seems to think this will stop us getting too hot! It all seems very muddled to me but when Emma has one of her mad ideas there's no point in arguing.

Anyway a few days after Emma had told me about the importance of being green some new "Green" piglets arrived. The funny thing is they seem to get sunburnt more than the rest of us, so I really don't think Emma's theory can work.
Apparently they're called Middle Whites but we call them the Eco Pigs.

The Babes

Hello and thank you to all those people who left messages of congratulations on the birth of my piglets. For the record all the piglets are called "Babe" and yes they do have different characteristics. Generally the biggest ones are the bossiest and the smaller ones are less pushy. All of them have sharp teeth already and are starting to pinch my food. Like most babies they're sweetest when they're asleep.

Must go now, I'm tired out. I'll leave Acorn to tell you all our other news.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Little Berrys

You’ll never guess what happened today. I was munching away happily as usual, whilst pondering over a bathe in my wallow, when a small black thing came up to my fence.
Being a friendly sort of pig (nosy Berry calls it!) I decided to go and check it out. It appeared to be a miniature Berry, with sticky up ears, black fur, a curly tail, a white blaze and white socks.

I realised at once that Emma must have shrunk Berry because Berry was too fat. (Though I have to say I think she over did it!)

None the less I was pleased, I would be able to share a run with her again. It was only when I spotted the real Berry drinking away at her water bowl, with five more miniature Berrys scurrying in and out of her feet, that I discovered the truth ….

She hadn’t shrunk … she’d just multiplied six times!!!

Emma said that Berry couldn’t come back in with me yet, as all of the little Berrys would have to come too, and there wouldn’t be room for all of us in the ark. I was very disappointed, but the little Berrys promised that they’d squeeze through the fence some time and come and visit me.

That will be nice.