Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lemonade for pigs

Acorn has been so distracted by Ivy pinching her food that she completely forgot to tell you about the freezing cold white stuff which has frequently fallen from the sky and covered up our food. It started just before Christmas and continued for weeks.

In this picture it was not too deep, but it just kept coming!

Not only could we not find our food but our water went hard as well.

Since all the water in our buckets refused to pour into our troughs Emma's Mum decided to get some lemonade for us!

But you won't believe what happened... Emma, Ben and Claire went and drank it all!

Then they filled the bottles with water from their house (where it was still liquid) and we had to drink that instead!

Honestly ... HOW PIGGY!


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ivy gets more food

Ivy's persistent, I'll give her that.

First she gate crashes my dinner party and pinches my food.

And then, when both of those ideas fail she goes for the sympathy vote and has some piglets.

Now at last she has got what she wanted - LOTS MORE FOOD

Friday, 1 January 2010

No brain - no pain

Emma has now moved Ivy to her own pad, to stop her from pinching all my food (see picture). She is a really greedy pig, you know. However Emma is getting really cross with Ivy now as she keeps pushing her way through the electric fencing and waiting for Emma at the food store! Emma can't blame me this time!

Ivy thinks she's really tough but I think she's just stupid. That electric fencing stings you if you touch it, so my theory is No brain - No pain!