Friday, 23 April 2010

Granny Acorn

You’ll never guess what?! Acorn is a Granny! I couldn’t believe it either, but Kiwi has had piglets. Acorn is getting old! She doesn’t like it when I say that, because old pigs need less food, or so Emma thinks. She said that it means I’m a GREAT Auntie, but I thought that was obvious. I’m great at everything else, so I don’t see why this would be any exception. Acorn suggested that she needed extra dinner as a celebration, but all she got was some carrot peelings and I ate most of those.

Snowball has finally gone home, but those middle whites are even worse than before, moping and going on and on about how much they miss him, maybe he should come back, just to shut them up!

Anyway, it’s dinner time.
Must go.


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